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Martinique Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Martinique

French imports are worthwhile purchases, especially wines, liqueurs and crystal. Local items include rum, straw goods, bamboo hats, creole dolls, creole jewellery, baskets and objects of aromatic vetiver roots. A discount of 20% is given if payment is made by traveller's cheques in some tourist shops.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0830-1800.

Nightlife in Martinique

There are plenty of restaurants, bars and discos and some displays of local dancing and music. The Ballet Martiniquais is one of the world's most prestigious traditional ballet companies. Limbo dancers and steel bands often perform at hotels in the evenings. The local music, zouk, lively, two-beat music similar to merengue but unique to the French West Indies, can be heard everywhere and Martinicans are very proud of it.

There are two casinos, the Casino de la Batelière Plazza, in Schoelcher, and there is one in the Méridien Hotel. The Fort-de-France City Hall is now a municipal theatre. The local guide, Choubouloute, contains information on local entertainment and is sold at newsagents.

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