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Montserrat Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

The climate is subtropical, tempered by trade winds. There is little climatic variation throughout the year making Montserrat a great year round destination. The heaviest rainfall occurs between July and November; however, the heavy cloudbursts serve to refresh the atmosphere and once they are over the sun reappears.

Required clothing

Tropical lightweights are worn, with light woollens for cooler evenings. A light raincoat or an umbrella is useful.


Montserrat is one of the Leeward Islands group in the Eastern Caribbean. It is a volcanic island with black sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation. There are three main volcanic mountains on the island and Chances Peak is its highest point at 915m (3,002ft). The Soufrière group of hills houses the volcano which began erupting in July 1995 and to date is continuously active. The Great Alps Waterfall, previously one of the most spectacular sights in the West Indies, has been destroyed by the volcano.

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