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Where to stay in Costa Rica


As Costa Rica has a thriving tourist industry, visitors can expect a wide range of choices, from all-inclusive 5-star luxury to family-run hotels and hostels. The country also has an excellent reputation when it comes to wilderness lodges, which can be found throughout the country in national parks and are often marketed with an eco-friendly bent.

Rural tourism is also increasingly popular. The aim is to allow visitors to experience 'Pura Vida', meaning a simple, peaceful lifestyle that focuses on customs, traditions, and relationships while immersing in the country's natural diversity.

Lodging with sustainability
The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) developed the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) programme for tourism companies to differentiate Costa Rican hotels according to how their operation approaches sustainability and manages natural, cultural and social resources. Previously, the levels were reflected on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing the maximum level a company could achieve in sustainable practices. While there are still companies with a level 5 classification, the latest categorisation simply assigns either BASIC or ELITE.


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