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Getting Around Greenland


Air Greenland ( serves all towns on the west coast, from Nanortalik in the south to Thule/Qaanaq in the north. The frequency of departure on all routes is variable, and it's advisable to make reservations well in advance.


Dog sledges: These can be hired for the day, or for longer periods. Sledging is possible in all towns on the east coast and on the west coast north of the polar circle. It is important to remember that sledge dogs are usually only semi-tame. This is just one reason why dog sledges should be given right of way at all times. Take particular care, as they are almost totally silent.

Road Classification

The only places that are connected by road are Ivituut and Kangilinnguit. The harsh landscape and weather conditions make road building elsewhere a virtually impossible task.

Air and sea travel are the recommended ways of getting around.



It is generally cheaper to sail than to fly. Arctic Umiaq Line (tel: +299 349 190; operates services along the west coast between Qaqortoq and Ilulissat. In addition, all villages are served by local boats connecting them with the nearest town, but space may be limited. Boats in some towns may be available for hire, with a skipper.

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