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Where to stay in Greenland


There are hotels in the major towns, but no public accommodation in Scoresby Sund, Thule or Upernavik. All reservations should be made in advance; contact Greenland Tourism or Greenland Tourism in Copenhagen (see Contact Addresses) for information.

A star-grading system is in place. Hotels are classified by Greenland Tourism, and gradings are roughly equivalent to those in Denmark.


There are no official campsites, but most places have specific areas for pitching tents. Camping is permitted everywhere except on ruins and on cultivated land in south Greenland. Booking is not essential. Local tourist offices have the latest information and will be able to advise on the nearest site.

Other accomodation

A network of remote cabins can be found throughout most of Greenland. They are available to all and there is usually no charge to stay overnight. Mainly used by locals on hunting trips, they are rarely locked, well-kept or clean but should be regarded as a 'roof over your head'. Visitors are advised to have their own map with updated information drawn on as a number of chalets have disappeared and others may not be marked on as existing. Chalets of a higher standard, such as summer cottages, can be rented through local tourist offices.
Major towns in Greenland have youth hostel accommodation with good facilities and you may come across student accommodation which doubles up as youth hostels during the summer. Elsewhere in south Greenland a number of farmers have installed accommodation attached to their sheep farming stations, but do not expect luxury.
An igloo hotel is constructed in winter each year in Kangerlussuaq. A large central igloo is connected to four to six smaller ones via ice tunnels. The complex features a bar, decorative ice sculptures and ice furniture.

Originally used by seafarers when their ship was in port, seamen's homes are these days used as simple accommodation with basic facilities. En suite rooms are rare but there is often a cafe attached.

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