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Where to stay in Honduras


Hotels in Honduras vary considerably in style, comfort and price. Good quality hotels are available in both Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, which are used mainly by business travellers. International chains such as Marriott, Crowne Plaza and Hilton are represented with standards equal to the USA and UK. The tourist office ( can supply lists of hotels with accommodation details.

In Roatan, resort-style hotels of high quality are commonplace and attract mainly North American tourists. Throughout the rest of the country however, hotels can be somewhat rustic and simple, with limited facilities and lower standards of comfort. With the exception of the Bay Islands, most hotels in Honduras don’t have peak season rates, although prices in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are higher during the week. During the Semana Santa holidays when Hondurans visit the Bay Islands in great numbers accommodation prices more than double and are booked up months ahead.

Hotels are split into three categories (upper, middle and lower) according to standard.

Bed and breakfast

There are some excellent B&Bs in Honduras that cater mainly to budget travellers, most of which are found in tourist areas. These can range from wooden beachside inns to jungle lodges. In Honduras these tend to be very hospitable and offer a basic but comfortable selection of amenities. With safety as a constant concern, it is advisable to check that your bed and breakfast has good quality gates, locks and security measures.


Camping in Honduras is not considered safe or recommended. There are very few campsites, although in a small number of national parks there are designated camping areas such as at the Sierra de Agalta National Park.

Other accomodation

Backpacker Hostels: Hostels are a very popular accommodation option, and cater to the large numbers of backpackers that travel through Honduras and Central America. While many are fairly basic, offering simple bunks in dormitories or private rooms, others in more prominent tourist areas such as the Bay Islands and Copan offer better facilities and standards.

Activity Hostels: Most scuba diving centres in Utila and Roatan have hostels attached, while kayaking centres such as those in La Ceiba also offer simple hostel accommodation.

Eco-lodges: There are a small number of high quality jungle eco-lodges that can be found in the country’s numerous national parks such as Pico Bonito National Park outside of La Ceiba.

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