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Honduras Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Honduras

From air conditioned shopping malls to traditional markets and big name mega stores Honduras has a wide variety of shops. For visitors to the country, the best shopping is undoubtedly at the local markets where artisans and local craftsmen offer their wares at extremely affordable prices.

Copan is a centre for crafts and bohemian-style shops and stalls have artists displaying everything from jade jewellery to colonial-style paintings, wooden carvings and accessories. At other markets, such as the Guamilito Market in San Pedro Sula and San Isidro Market in Tegucigalpa, typical craft items include woodcarvings, cigars, leather goods, straw hats and bags, Guatemalan hand woven fabric, Lenca pottery and paintings. Traditional Garifuna crafts can be found in Tela and the Bay Islands which reflect their coastal heritage and utilise items such as wood, seashells and coconuts.

Some haggling is common in craft markets, although in general bartering is not part of Honduran culture. Start at half the initial asking price and light-heartedly barter to an agreed price from there.

In addition to crafts, markets are the centre of local life where everything from fruit and vegetables to household items to clothes can be found.

Malls are gaining popularity with middle class Hondurans and a range of international brand shops can be found within. Another popular shopping venue is bus stations, and in major terminals such as San Pedro Sula there are plenty of shops selling cheap clothes, shoes and costume jewellery.

Shopping Note

Refrain from buying anything made of coral (especially black coral) as the reefs are protected. Be very cautious when buying anything made from animal products unless 100% certain that it is not from an endangered species. Souvenirs made from turtle shells, endangered birds and mammals are unfortunately for sale.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and 1330-1800; Sat 0800-1700.

Nightlife in Honduras

Honduras has a vibrant nightlife and locals love to dance and have a good time. Music bars and clubs can be found in the main cities, and Tegucigalpa and other tourist spots have many of the best-known clubs in the country. There are also casinos in the major cities, plus many bars, some of which offer happy hours.

Reggaeton music pours out of the rustic, Caribbean-themed bars in Roatan and Utila, many of which have been built on wooden jetties perfect for watching the dramatic sunsets with a rum in hand. Trujillo also has a good selection of beachfront bars. San Pedro Sula has its share of bars and dance clubs, and there are some more international, low-key bars in hotels, along with a handful of arts centres.

It is worth remembering however, that crime is a serious problem in Honduras and at night, tourists are prime targets for criminals. Don't go out with large sums of cash, don't wear fancy jewellery or watches, and be careful not to consume too much alcohol. The Bay Islands are considered safer than the mainland but care should still be taken, especially in Roatan.

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