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Travel to Honduras

Flying to Honduras

United ( flies direct from Houston to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, while American Airlines ( operates flights from Miami to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Delta ( flies from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.There are no direct flights from the UK; connections are generally via the USA.

Avianca ( offers flights from Honduras to Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, with onward connections to other destinations in North, Central and South America.

Airport Guides

Golosón International Airport




Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport




San Pedro Sula International Airport




Tegucigalpa Toncontín International Airport




The airport is 5km (3 miles) southeast of the city.


Flight times

To Tegucigalpa: from London - at least 17 hours (including stopovers); New York - 6 hours 30 minutes (including stopover); Houston - 3 hours 10 minutes.

Departure tax

US$45, which should be included in the air fare. If not, you need to pay in cash or by credit card.

Travelling to Honduras by Rail

There are no rail services between Honduras and neighbouring countries.

Driving to Honduras

The main road routes into Honduras are from Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. It is possible to drive across the borders but long-distance buses are the most common form of travel.

From Guatemala the most popular borders are Corinto (Puerto Cortes) and El Florido (Copan). Crossing with a vehicle is usually straightforward and involves a small fee and presentation of paperwork, although very few rental agencies permit their cars to cross borders.

From Nicaragua the main border crossing is Guasaule, Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua. Entering Honduras by car you are asked to fumigate the vehicle and to present all relevant paperwork (car licence, driving licence and passport) and purchase insurance and a standard tourist card.

Long-distance bus companies are of high quality and offer executive coaches, meals, air conditioning and televisions. Hedman Alas (tel: +504 2516 2273; runs from several destinations in Honduras to Guatemala City and Antigua. Tica Bus ( has routes from San Pedro Sula to Managua, Nicaragua, and from Tegucigalpa to Managua and San Salvador.

Local minibuses stop at the borders from where you can get a connection on the other side. Some private minibus shuttles offer routes from Copán Ruinas to Guatemala.

Getting to Honduras by boat

Honduras’ main ports are Amapala, El Henecan, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortés, and Roatán. Passenger ferries operate shuttles between Belize and Puerto Cortes, and many small, private vessels enter Honduras from the USA and other parts of Central America and the Caribbean.

Cruise ships

Roatan is a popular stop on many cruise ship itineraries and usually included in Western Caribbean tours embarking from Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

Ferry operators

There are small ferry operators that run between Puerto Cortes and Belize. The D Express runs to Big Creek and Placencia from Puerto Cortes twice a week.

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