Where to stay in Arizona


Arizona hotels offer something for every budget. In Phoenix or Scottsdale, there are hotels of world-class standards while resorts throughout the state offer superb 5-star properties, some of which include golf and spa facilities. Historic hotels or inns are available elsewhere while those looking for cheap Arizona hotels should aim for comfortable motel accommodation found along most major highways and towns.


Fans of camping are spoilt for choice, thanks to Arizona's camp sites. Ranging from lakeside locations to scenic spots in national parks, there are tons of camping holiday options available. Advance bookings are advised, particularly in popular national and state parks.

Other accomodation

Relive the days of the Wild West by staying on a dude ranch. This offers a unique cowboy style experience, with the chance to muck in on the ranch and go horse riding amid often spectacular scenery. Outdoor activities and wildlife viewing are often included.

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