New Mexico Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in New Mexico

Silver jewellery is a great buy. Native American craftspeople often use turquoise streaked with threads of silver or gold. Other popular gemstones include coral, lapis lazuli (dark blue), malachite (green), jet and pink shell. A small animal shape carved from stone is called a 'fetish', and may be strung with beads on a necklace. Each pueblo has characteristic styles and colours of pottery ranging from brightly coloured pots to plain clay ones. Other special buys include Navajo rugs; wooden dolls; retablos, which are wooden boards painted with an image of Christ or a saint; and painted carvings called bultos.

Nightlife in New Mexico

Santa Fe has an active theatre scene and lively music venues with top-class acts. The Santa Fe Opera performs beneath the stars against a beautiful mountain backdrop. In Albuquerque, performing arts range from ballet to Spanish folk operetta, and from medieval music to barbershop choruses.

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