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American Samoa: Doing business and staying in touch

Doing Business in American Samoa

Lightweight suits for business visits. Ties need only be worn for formal occasions.


The economy is based mainly on agriculture and fishing, with two tuna canneries providing employment for almost half the workforce; their output accounts for most of American Samoa's export revenue. Agricultural output is mainly for domestic consumption.

Industrial estates have been built in an effort to encourage light industrial development. On these estates, consumer goods, such as handicrafts, soap and perfume, are produced.

The tourist industry is growing slowly; government employment accounts for the bulk of the country's service sector.

The government's economic priorities have been to tackle the lack of infrastructure. Shortage of skilled workers and this lack of infrastructure have combined, along with its remote location, to inhibit American Samoa's economic development.

American Samoa is a member of the South Pacific Commission.


US$575.3 million (2007).

Main exports

Tuna, fruit and vegetables.

Main imports

Materials for canneries, food and petroleum products.

Main trading partners

Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and India.

Keeping in Touch in American Samoa


All outgoing calls must go through the international operator.

Mobile Phone

Roaming agreements do not exist at present.


Internet cafes exist. Samoanet is the country's sole Internet service provider.


As a territory of the USA, American Samoa enjoys the press freedoms provided under the US Constitution. The island's own English-language newspaper is the News Bulletin. The Samoa Journal Advertiser and Samoa News are also published in English. Television KV2K broadcasts on three channels. It is owned by the Office of Public Information. There are three FM radio stations and three AM radio stations.


American Samoa is part of the US postal system and the same standard postal rates apply.

Post Office hours

The main post office in the Lumana'i Building in Fagatogo is open 24 hours. There are also branches in Leone and Faguita villages, open Monday to Friday 0800 to 1600 and Saturday 0830 to 1200.

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