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Northern Territory Food and Drink

The majority of the Northern Territory may be little more than bushland, but the state is anything but a no-man's-land for food-lovers. The seafood around Darwin is excellent, and fruit such as mangoes and limes are grown in large quantities in the tropical north.

The Territory is also a good place to try traditional Aboriginal "bush tucker", which is far tastier than you might expect. Cattle stations are common in the outback, so beef is generally easy to come by.


Barramundi: A tasty fish found on most menus.
Kakadu plum jam: A sweet conserve best eaten on toast.
Quandong: A native peach with a delicate flavour, usually served stewed or in ice cream.
Crocodile meat: Not especially tasty, but it’s there for the curious.
Mud crabs: Soft-shell crab, usually cooked with their shells on.
Damper: Soda bread traditionally eaten by drovers.
Mangoes: Grown in various parts of the Territory.
Thai food: Particularly common in multicultural Darwin.
Bush tea: Made from native plants such as leptospermum, referred to as tea tree.
Paul’s Iced Coffee: Billed as “the Territory's own”, it is found across the state.

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