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Fiji Food and Drink

Local cooking is Fijian, Chinese and Indian. International cuisine is also available. Table service is normal, although some establishments offer buffet-style food at lunchtime. Hotels often serve meals to non-residents. Bars and cocktail lounges have table and/or counter service. Only licensed restaurants, clubs and hotel bars can serve alcohol on Sunday.


Kokoda: raw fish marinated in coconut cream and lime.
Rourou: a taro leaf dish soaked in coconut cream.
Tavioka: manioc or tapioca (more commonly known as cassava), often boiled, baked or grated and cooked in coconut cream with sugar and mashed bananas.
Duruka: an unusual asparagus-like vegetable in season during April and May.
Lovo: a covered pit or underground oven used to cook meat, fish, and vegetables.


Generally not necessary; only small amounts for special services.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

Kava: traditionally prepared by virgins, who chewed the root of the pepper plant into a soft pulpy mass before adding water but nowadays the roots are pounded in a wooden bowl using a vertical metal rod usually operated by hand.
Fiji Bitter: a beer brewed in Suva by Carlton & United Breweries.
Booth's Gin, Bounty Rum, Czarina Vodka and Regal Whisky: produced by South Pacific Distilleries, Lautoka.

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