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Fiji Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Fiji

Favourite buys are woodcarvings (such as kava bowls), polished coconut shells, woven works (such as mats, coasters, hats, fans and trays), tapa cloth and pearls. Markets often sell a variety of jewellery and fashion accessories including shell necklaces, woven anklets and rings. Bargaining is not the norm in shops but is expected at handicraft markets. Some shopkeepers will give a discount with large purchases. Duty-free items are available and include electrical goods, pewter, crystal and porcelain. Look out for the ‘Fijian Made’ stamp when buying handicraft purchases and give back to the local community.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1700, Sat 0800-1500. Many places close for lunch 1300-1400.

Nightlife in Fiji

While many of the resorts and hotels on the islands have discos and live bands to keep crowds going late into the night, the capital city of Fiji, Suva, is at the heart of the country's nightlife. Suva has numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs, most of which are within the Victoria Parade vicinity. Most of the nightclubs and pubs in the country are situated within the main business areas or within townships and therefore easy to access. Some of the most popular venues include Traps - one of the liveliest venues around – and the glass-fronted Bad Dog café; a sophisticated restaurant with an impressive beer and wine list.

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