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Money and duty free for Nauru

Currency and Money

Currency information

The Australian Dollar (AUD; symbol A$) is legal tender. For further information, see the Australia section.

Credit cards

Credit cards are not usually accepted. There are no ATMs.


There are no ATMs.

Currency restrictions

There are no restrictions on the import of local or foreign currencies provided they are declared on arrival. There are no restrictions on the export of local currency up to A$2,500. There are no restrictions on the export of foreign currency.

Currency exchange

The only place to change money is the Bank of Nauru in Aiwo district. Visitors are advised to bring Australian Dollars in cash.

Nauru duty free


The following goods may be imported into Nauru without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes or 500g of tobacco (travellers over 18 years of age).
• 2L of spirits or wine (travellers over 21 years of age).

Banned Imports

Explosives, firearms and pornography, drugs and weapons, dangerous drugs, pornographic films and literature.

Banned Exports

You must obtain a licence to export Nauruan artefacts.

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