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Things to see and do in Nauru

Attractions in Nauru

Anibore Bay

Relax at Anibore Bay, probably the most beautiful beach on the island (although the sea currents are dangerous).

Anibore Harbour

Take a dip in Anibore Harbour, which is the best bet for swimming, as most beaches are too shallow and rocky.

Australian rules football

Watch the local teams battle it out at an Australian rules football match. The national game is played all through Saturday at the Linkbelt Oval sports field.

Command Ridge

Walk up to Command Ridge, Nauru's highest point, and view an entire country.

Game fishing

Head out to sea and try your luck at game fishing.

Lunar-like landscape

Take a look at the island's bizarre interior, where years of phosphate mining have exposed jagged coral pinnacles, leaving a lunar-like landscape.

National weighlifting team

Look out for Nauru's national weighlifting team in training. The team has had some recent international success, notably at the Commonwealth Games.

Traditional sports

Catch a more traditional sport. The Frigate bird game is the most distinctive, and there are several popular ball games and wrestling games of local origin.


In Yaren, spot the remains of Japanese guns, bunkers and pillboxes left over from WWII.

Tourist offices

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