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Where to stay in New Caledonia


Hotels are mostly small and intimate. Prices range from moderate to expensive. Modern 3- and 5-star hotels have been built or fully renovated in the Anse Vata area and there is also bungalow-style accommodation in more remote parts of the main island and the outer islands.


Major camping sites are in the rural lodging area. Most sites include washrooms, toilets, barbecue facilities and mini-supermarkets. Permission should be sought from landowners before setting up camp.

Other accomodation

Homestays: Visitors interested in experiencing the traditional way of life can arrange to stay in Melanesian-style bungalows or huts. Home-cooked meals may be booked in advance. Payment is usually made in cash as credit cards are not accepted.

Youth Hostels: There is a hostel in Nouméa with dormitories and communal facilities. Non-YHA members are also accommodated.

These are regulated by the Chamber of Agriculture.

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