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Where to stay in Niue


There are less than 90 guest rooms on the island, divided between a resort and a mere handful of hotels, motels and guest houses.

Anaiki Hotel
Located next to the Avaiki Caves at Makefu. This accommodation has four units in a long block (single/double/triple), breakfast included. A hot plate is provided for heating up simple meals.

Coral Gardens Motel
Five self-contained studio-room chalets and a bar. Situated near a tropical coral garden close to Alofi and Makefu and in close proximity to popular reefs and swimming pools.

Kololi's Motel
Built in the centre of Alofi, it provides a range of rooms, including a large bedroom suite, a large double bedroom, two double rooms and a twin room with shared bathroom facilities. There is a kitchen and barbecue area, or meals can be provided.

Matavai Resort
Situated on a cliff top, with views overlooking Dolphin Bay and the bays of Avatele and Tamakautoga, this resort is just 10 minutes from Alofi, has 22 rooms plus two executive suites. The main building houses a restaurant, a bar, conference facilities and two freshwater swimming pools. They also offer wedding packages.

Namukulu Motel
With sea and reef views, this motel is situated a 10-minute drive from Alofi and a few minutes walk from Limu. It consists of three self-contained chalets which can sleep up to four people. There is a licensed restaurant and bar nearby, as well as opportunities for snorkelling, swimming and cycling.

Peleni's Guest House
A former family home in the centre of Alofi, it consists of three bedrooms with shared cooking, bathroom and lounge facilities.


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