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Where to stay in Samoa


There is a good selection of distinctive hotels in Samoa offering high standards at reasonable prices (some inclusive of meals). The most famous place to stay is Aggie Grey's (, known for its hospitality and hamburgers. There are also hotels located in rural areas, including Upolu's south coast and Savai'i. For details, contact the Samoa Tourism Authority (see Contact Addresses).


Other accomodation

Over recent years, the Samoa Tourism Authority has initiated a National Ecotourism Programme designed to encourage sustainable and environmentally aware tourism by actively involving visitors in their efforts to preserve the natural habitat and national culture. As a result, a number of eco-villages have been established, including one in Tanumapua, close to Apia. For further details, contact the Samoa Tourism Authority.

A village resort offers the opportunity for self-catering, although, if visitors prefer, a restaurant is also provided. There are many sporting and other facilities for guests. Beach cottages and fales are less expensive and offer fewer on-site facilities, though many of them can be found nearby.

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