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Things to see and do in Solomon Islands

Attractions in Solomon Islands

Experience island life

Culturally speaking the Solomon Islands are fascinating. Though bound together by their shared maritime heritage, the various societies living on the archipelago differ wildly from island to island. As well as a taste of local life, a visit to the main islands of Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Malaita, New Georgia, San Cristobal and Santa Isabel offers a peek at the Solomon Islands’ colonial history.

Explore the wildlife

Pack your binoculars because wildlife abounds on the Solomon Islands. Go in search of a range of reptiles (including turtles), as well as marsupials such as flying foxes (fruit bats), phalangers and opossums. The birdlife is also excellent.

Grab a rod and go fishing

Try a spot of fishing in the Solomon Islands' well-stocked waters. Enquiries may be made at the Point Cruz Yacht Club, which welcomes visitors. The bountiful waters surround the Solomons have well over 700 species of fish that include big game such as sailfish and marlin.

Head to Honiara

Honiara, the capital city, is a fine place to while away a day or two. It has a pleasant museum, botanical gardens and Chinatown, and its strewn with relics from WWII. Notice boards indicate major battles and incidents that took place during the battle for Guadalcanal. Villages and scenic drives are within easy reach.

Sample the local culture in Guadalcanal

Go on an excursion around Guadalcanal and other islands. Popular tours include the battlefields of WWII, the Betikama carving centre, and Alite and Laulasi villages on the island of Malaita, where shells are broken, rounded and, after further working, strung together. The strings of shells can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, belts and earrings.

Take part in sports

A variety of sports are enjoyed on the Solomon Islands including rugby union and football. There is a national team for both sports. Other popular sports include futsal and beach football, which the Solomon Islands have excelled at in international competition level.

Take the plunge and go diving

Much of the best land-based diving located in the Western Province on or near the islands of Gizo and New Georgia. Well-known dive sites in the area include Munda, on the Roviana Lagoon, 15 minutes by plane from Gizo; and Uepi Island, on the north side of New Georgia, across the famous Marovo Lagoon. Diving tours to the numerous WWII wrecks are also possible.

Venture into the tropical rainforests

Tour the tropical rainforests that cover most of the archipelago and scale its verdant volcanoes. Exotic orchids, ferns and palms are widespread and butterflies are abundant. Got a fancy for reptiles? You're in luck because there are more than 70 species in the jungle, as well as fruit bats.

Tourist offices

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau

Address: Mendana Avenue, Honiara, PO Box 321
Telephone: 22442.
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