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Where to stay in The Islands of Tahiti


Accommodation varies from air-conditioned, carpeted, deluxe rooms with room service, to thatched-roofed bungalows (Tahitian pensions) where the bathroom is shared and might be outdoors with cold showers. These small hotels are normally run by families and are good for meeting locals and other travellers. Upmarket versions of pensions are also available, with more amenities.

In the outer islands, resort hotels usually have private gardens and over-water bungalows and rooms, and are often built of bamboo. Many of the most high-end resorts are on isolated motu (islets) and are only accessible by boat. You can expect luxurious amenities, excellent service, and traditional Polynesian shows and live music in the evenings.

For cheaper options, you can stay in a youth hostel in Papeete. It’s also possible to rent a room in a family home through Tahiti Tourisme for a more genuine experience. There are two campsites on Tahiti, and camping is also possible in the grounds of some pensions.


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