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Where to stay in Argentina


Hotels in Argentina range greatly in standard, from the most luxurious in Buenos Aires to the distinctly rustic in rural areas. In Buenos Aires, the cheaper hotels can mostly be found around Avenida de Mayo. The most luxurious hotels in Buenos Aires are generally considered the stately Alvear Palace in Recoleta (, and the highly contemporary and high-design Faena Hotel and Universe in Puerto Madero ( If you have the urge to escape the city, and are looking for something really special no matter what the cost, then there are some truly glorious luxury hotel retreats tucked away in Patagonia that offer serene and romantic getaways.

Note that hosterías are not hostels, but anything from a budget to a luxury hotel. Most hotels add at least 20% tax to any quoted room price. It is advisable to check correct charges when booking.

Since January 2017, foreign tourists staying in Argentina will receive a refund of the VAT paid on hotel services when using a foreign debit or credit card. The reimbursement will be automatic, you don’t have to apply or request the refund.

Grading: Ranges from 5-star (highest) to 1-star (lowest). Be aware that this rating system rarely reaches international standards, especially with regard to service. Watch out too for 'design' hotels that may feature the latest in interior design, but tend to disappoint when it comes to staff and attention to detail.

Bed and breakfast

Available in small family hotels in Buenos Aires and other cities. Maid service is generally included in the price, but laundry service often requires a small extra charge. Bed and breakfast hotels can also offer useful tourist advice.


Most resort cities welcome campers, and there are campsites and caravan sites throughout Argentina. Campervans can be hired.

Other accomodation

There are youth hostels throughout Argentina, from Tilcaru in the north to El Calafate and Ushaia in the south.

Don't miss the chance to stay in one of Argentina's unique estancias (farm estates) which offer a fascinating glimpse of rural life. Often luxurious, many have swimming pools and offer horseriding and other activities. Some have become a little soulless and commercial, but there are some lovely family run ones such as Huechahue in the Lake District, Rincon del Socorro in the Ibera wetlands and Los Potreros in Cordoba.

It is possible to rent cheap self-catering apartments, with or without maid service, either by the day or week. Most apartments are in Buenos Aires, although they can be found in all cities. For luxury apartment rentals in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Patagonia, it doesn’t get more high-end than the properties at Oasis Collections (

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