Guyana Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Guyana

Shopping is a favourite pastime in Guyana, especially in the capital of Georgetown, where some of the world's purest gold and diamonds can be found. As one of the sugar producing capitals of the world, the town of Demerara sells all number of unique sugar related paraphernalia, ranging from different tasting bags of sugar to sugar distilling equipment.

Street markets are commonplace across the country and haggling for gifts and souvenirs is expected. Handmade slippers, paintings, sculptures, leather goods, key rings, and bead crafts are available at all Georgetown markets, but prices vary from stall to stall, so it is best to search around for the cheapest goods rather than jumping in and buying the first one found.

Although most of the markets in Georgetown are only open until around 1200, uniquely to South American countries, the Stabroek and Bourda markets are open 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Shopping in Georgetown in particular, but across the country, is generally of high quality and the sellers are very friendly.

For fixed prices there is an abundance of new shopping malls and super stores across the major towns and city across Guyana. At Georgetown's Cheddi Jagan International Airport there are several duty free shops offering tax free locally produced spirits, rums, gifts, and cigarettes, but many tourists could actually haggle for lower prices in the many markets across the country.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that receipts and correct documentation are retained, otherwise visitors may experience difficulty when clearing customs.

Shopping Note

Please check that you have been given the correct change before leaving shops, as sellers are notorious for short changing buyers. Ensure that you are buying genuine leather products, as faux leathers are increasingly imported into the Americas and are being passed off as genuine in Guyana's street markets.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and 1300-1630, Sat 0800-1200. Stabroek and Bourda markets are open 24/7.

Nightlife in Guyana

Both young and old enjoy partying the night away in Guyana, Georgetown in particular, as pubs and clubs are not found anywhere else in the country. Georgetown has an abundance of western style nightclubs with copious amounts of alcohol on tap and music blaring all night long; however jazz clubs, Latin discos and karaoke bars are just as popular.

For a true cultural immersion head over to the regionally famous Ignite Bar where reggae combines with Indian and Soca music, and people from all walks of life party side by side. Many locals drive up to the bar, order their alcoholic drinks, and then sit in the car parks with loud music rocking their cars; this is definitely a unique and unforgettable nightlife experience.

As Guyana sits at the crossroads between the western world and Latin America, it is no wonder then that Latin discos are popular, where couples dance until the early hours to the slow beats of the tango and salsa. Nightclubs and pubs are great places to meet new friends, but you should ensure that, as in clubs around the world, drinks are never left unattended.

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