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Things to see and do in Surinam

Attractions in Surinam

Galibi Nature Reserve

Watch giant leatherback sea turtles laying their eggs in the Galibi Nature Reserve (accessible by boat only) between February and July.

Go swimming

Go swimming in the unusual but popular location of Colakreek, a recreation area 50km (32 miles) south of Paramaribo consisting of numerous creeks in the small savannah belt behind the coastal plains.

Independence Square

Stroll around Paramaribo's Independence Square, the Presidential Palace (with an attractive palm garden) and the lively waterfront and market districts. Palmentuin is a pleasant park, as is the Cultuurtuin, but the latter is a fair distance from the town.


Travel south of Paramaribo to reach Jodensavanne (Jews' savannah), where the remains of a 17th-century Jewish settlement include the ruins of one of the Western Hemisphere's first Jewish synagogues - established 1639.


Explore Paramaribo, the 17th-century capital, which is graced with attractive British, Dutch, French and Spanish colonial architecture. The nearby restored Fort Zeelandia houses the Surinam Museum.

River boat tour

Hop on a river boat tour to visit indigenous villages or picturesque old colonial plantations. One of the most popular trips is the five-day river tour of Kumalu and the Awarra Dam region.

Roman Catholic cathedral

See the 19th-century Roman Catholic cathedral (made entirely of wood - as is the 17th-century synagogue, which lies in stark contrast to the biggest mosque in the Caribbean), also in Paramaribo.

Swamps and crocodiles

Take a boat trip into the swamps to spy on crocodiles, anacondas and boa constrictors taking the sun, and mind the piranhas if you dare take a paddle!


Keep your eyes peeled for the rainforest's resident wildlife - including wild cats, tarantulas, howler monkeys, rare flowers and giant termite nests. Nearly 80% of the country is covered with tropical rainforest. Take a guided ecotourism trip to Raleighvallen/Voltzberg Nature Park or Natuurpark Brownsberg (Brownsberg Nature Park).

Tourist offices

Surinam Tourism Foundation

Address: Prof. W.J. Kernkampweg 27, Paramaribo,
Telephone: +597 532 373
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