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Travel to Surinam

Flying to Surinam

The national airline is Surinam Airways (, whose international routes include direct flights from Amsterdam and Miami (the latter has a brief stop in Aruba). KLM ( also flies direct from Amsterdam.

Airport Guides

Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport




The airport is 45km (28 miles) south of the city.


Flight times

From London - 12 hours (including stopover); Miami - 6 hours 30 minutes (stopping briefly in Oranjestad, Aruba). 

Departure tax


Travelling to Surinam by Rail

Driving to Surinam

Getting to Surinam by boat

Main port: Paramaribo.

Ferry operators

There are occasional commercial sailings from Mexico, New Orleans and Amsterdam with limited passenger accommodation.

There are regular car ferry services across the Surinam River and Marowijne River from Albina to St Laurent de Maroni (French Guiana), from Southdrain (Surinam) to Moleson Creek (Guyana), and across the Corantijn River from Nieuw Nickerie to Springlands (Guyana).

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