Travel to Bogotá

Flying to Bogotá

Flights to Bogotá are available with a number of airlines, including Avianca, Iberia, Continental Airlines and Delta. There are no direct flights from the UK. Cheap flights to Bogotá are available outside the December-February peak travel period.

Flight times

From London - 14 to 15 hours.

Travel by road


Roads in Colombia are generally good, although driving in the Andean regions and parts of the rainforest will require a 4-wheel drive. Traffic drives on the right. Speed limits are 45-60kph (28-37mph) in urban areas, and 80kph (50mph) in rural areas. An International Driving Permit is required.

Kidnapping was a real risk when travelling by road in Colombia until recently. Security, however, is improving and travelling by bus is generally safe (especially on the main roads, such as the one linking Bogotá and Cartagena), although driving east of the Andes is not recommended, as incidences of kidnapping and carjacking are still high.


The main bus terminal in Bogotá (tel: (1) 423 3600; is near Cuidad Salitre. It handles all arrivals and departures from Colombia to the rest of South America. It is divided into five zones, each represented by a different colour: yellow means that buses go to the south of the country, blue indicates bus lines to the east and west, red is for the north and South American destinations, green is for long distance taxis and finally purple is for arrivals and local taxi services.

Travel by rail


Although trains still carry freight, inter-city passenger services are virtually non-existent. A restored steam train, Turistren, runs from Bogotá to Zipaquirá and Cajicá (tel: (1) 375 0557;