Travel to Bologna

Flying to Bologna

British Airways, Ryanair and easyJet all provide direct flights from the UK to Bologna. You're likely to find the cheapest prices if you book well ahead and fly midweek.

Flight times

From London - 2 hours 5 minutes; New York - 10 hours (including stopover); Los Angeles - 14 hours (including stopover); Toronto - 10 hours (including stopover); Sydney - 27 hours 40 minutes (including stopover).

Travel by road


Italy has an excellent selection of autostrade (A) (motorways), the main north-south link being the autostrada del sole, which links Milan with Naples in the south of Italy. Speed limits on motorways are 130kph (81mph), while on non-urban highways it's 110kph (68mph). In built-up areas it's 50kph (31mph). Motorways are tolled, so travellers on a budget might prefer the strade statali (SS), which are often fast, multi-lane carriageways that are toll free. Strade provinciale are perfect for exploring Italy's hidden countryside.

By law, both driver and passenger must wear their seat belts, if fitted, or face an on-the-spot fine. Speeding and driving through a red light also incur fines. Car lights must be switched on at any time on autostrade and strade statali. All those not in possession of an EU licence must carry an International Driving Permit alongside their national licence.

The minimum age for driving a car is 18. You must carry proof of insurance; a Green Card is useful, but not compulsory if you're bringing your car from within the EU.

Automobile Club Italia (ACI) (tel: +39 06 491 115; can provide further information on driving in Italy.

Emergency breakdown service:

ACI (tel: 803 116, in Italy only).


Bologna is linked to Milan, Florence and Rome by the A1. The A13 arrives directly from Venice and Padua and the A14 links Bologna to the coastal towns of Ravenna and Rimini.

Driving times:

From Milan - 2 hours 20 minutes; Rome - 4 hours; Venice - 1 hour 40 minutes; Florence - 1 hour 30 minutes.


There are numerous coach service providers operating to and from Bologna's coach terminal, Autostazione di Bologna, Piazza XX Settembre 6 (tel: +39 051 245 400;, just around the corner from the railway station. Coaches from regional centres such as Ferrara and Modena arrive at this station. There are also long-distance services from Milan and Ancona. Eurolines (tel: +39 0861 199 1900; operates connecting services from cities across Europe.

Travel by rail


Bologna's railway station, Bologna Centrale, is located at Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, in the north of the city. You must validate your tickets before boarding by stamping them in the yellow machines, located on the platform, to avoid having to pay a fine. Supplements might be charged, depending on the type of train taken (Diretto, Interregionale, Espresso, Intercity or Eurostar).

Bologna Centrale is one of Italy's main crossroads for both national and international trains. A new station, serving high-speed trains, is opening to the public in stages and is expected to be completed by 2016. EuroCity and Euronight train services link Bologna with destinations across Europe.


The Italian state railway, Ferrovie dello Stato (tel: 892 021, in Italy only;, is both economical and efficient. There are direct high-speed trains from Bologna to major cities throughout Italy, including Milan, Rome and Naples.

Journey times:

From Milan - 1 hour; Florence - 35 minutes; Rome - 2 hours 15 minutes; Venice - 1 hour 25 minutes; Naples - 3 hours 35 minutes.