Travel to Boston

Flying to Boston

Airlines offering flights to Boston from the UK include British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Other airlines providing services to the airport include: Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, Aer Lingus, Air France and Delta Air Lines, among others.

Flight times

From London - 7 hours 30 minutes; Los Angeles - 5 hours 30 minutes; Toronto - 1 hour 30 minutes; Sydney - 22 to 24 hours.

Travel by road


In Boston, driving is on the right and the minimum driving age is 16 years. The speed limit on most major highways is 88kph (55mph). On sections of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), the speed limit is 104kph (65mph). Elsewhere, limits range from 32 to 80kph (20-50mph). It is possible to turn right at a red traffic light after stopping - unless otherwise indicated. Technically overtaking should only be done on the outside lane, although, in reality, cars on a five-lane highway regularly pass on both sides. At crossroads without traffic lights, the four-way stop system means that it is first-come first-served; the car to the right proceeds first.

While most non-US driving licences are acceptable, it is best to bring an International Driving Permit. The American Automobile Association (tel: 1 800 222 1134; can provide information, and may offer reciprocal benefits to members of automobile clubs in other countries.

Emergency breakdown service:

AAA (tel: 1 800 222 4357/AAA HELP).


There are two main road arteries leading into Boston. The I-93 (often called the ‘Central Artery') cuts through central Downtown running north-south and keeping close to the waterfront. The I-90, known locally as the ‘Masspike' (the Massachusetts Turnpike), comes into the city centre travelling west-east. These two roads meet the ring road arc of the I-95 (known locally as Route 128). Access to the downtown area from the northeast and the airport is via road tunnels. The Callahan Tunnel (no toll) is outgoing, but there is an incoming toll for the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels.

Driving times:

From Hartford (Connecticut) - 2 hours; Albany (New York) - 3 hours 15 minutes; New York City - 4 hours 15 minutes; Montreal (Canada) - 6 hours 30 minutes.


South Station, on the junction of Summer Street and Atlantic Avenue, is the central coach station. Greyhound (tel: (617) 526 1801; operates services throughout the USA. Peter Pan Bus Lines (tel: 1 800 343 9999; goes all over New England. Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway buses (tel: (508) 746 0378; go to the South Shore and Cape Cod. Bonanza Buses (tel: 1 888 751 8800; covers western Massachusetts and southwards to New York.

Travel by rail


Amtrak uses Boston's South Station at the junction of Summer Street and Atlantic Avenue, and Back Bay Station, at 145 Dartmouth Street. South Station has restaurants, newsagents and an information booth.


Amtrak (tel: (617) 345 7460; has a number of services. Northeast Direct service runs to Newport News, Virginia via New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. The Lakeshore Limited service goes from Boston eastwards to Chicago via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Cleveland. Amtrak's high-speed train service, the Acela, is the fastest way to reach New York, with a service to Washington, DC also available.

Journey times:

From New York - 3 hours 15 minutes; Washington, DC - 6 hours 45 minutes; Chicago - 22 hours;