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Cape Verde is home to several rare breeds of African birds, as well as unique types of sparrows, swifts and warblers.

Watch the sunset

Watch the sunset on Sal Island. Truly one of the most beautiful in the world.


Sun yourself on Cape Verde’s pristine beaches. Two of the best are the fine white sand beaches of Sal and the salty black sand beaches of Sao Nicolau.


Trek around Cape Verde’s diverse islands. Fogo has a beautiful volcanic peak with sweeping views, while Boa Vista has a desert-like quality with shifting sand dunes and palm trees.

Cidade Velha

Wander around Cidade Velha in Santiago, the first European settlement in the tropics and a World Heritage site to boot. City ruins from the 1600s have survived the ravages of both time and pirates, and Fortaleza Real de Sao Filipe, a dramatic cliff-side fort, provides sea views.

Go scuba diving

Go scuba diving around Sal’s amazing underwater world. Get up close to Cape Verde’s plentiful sea-life.

Dance barefoot

Dance barefoot on the beach. Cape Verdean’s love dancing, and you’re sure to pick up some special moves from the locals.

Cape Verdean rum

Sample Cape Verdean rum or grog, produced on Santo Antão.

Surf the waves

Learn to surf or water-ski. Cape Verde has some of the best waves in the world, and most hotels are happy to arrange lessons or board hire.

Live music

Listen to live music on Sao Vicente. Cape Verde is famous for sultry morna folk music, but its inhabitants also like to dance to faster samba and tango rhythms. For a taster, try Cesaria Evora, a national icon.

Salt mines of Sal

Explore the famous salt mines of Sal, after which the island is named. The mines were built inside a dormant volcano and are a fascinating and eerie experience.