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Ivory Coast - Yamssoukro Cathedral, Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is a country of extremes; a land of pulsating metropolises and pristine rainforests, vast churches and verdant hills, fancy restaurants and spraw...

Guinea - Small pier with boat in a pond, Guinea


Okay, so Guinea might not be the stuff bucket lists are made of. Tarnished by the Ebola crisis and long-term political instability, it is a country most peop...

Guinea-Bissau - Guinea-Bissau


Though better known for its military coups and government crises, Guinea-Bissau’s swashbuckling charm, faded grandeur and stunning natural assets prove...

Comoros - Moroni, Comoros


Not your typical tropical island getaway, Comoros may lay claim to sandy shores, limpid oceans and colourful coral reefs, but the archipelago’s greates...

Democratic Republic of Congo - River in Jungle, Congo Democratic Rep

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the largest and most enigmatic countries in Africa. It has many beautiful landscapes, mainly comprising dens...

Djibouti - Chimney of lake Abbe, Djibouti


Tucked away in the Horn of Africa, diminutive Djibouti offers ethereal landscapes, traditional tribes and mega marine life by the camel load – little w...

Egypt - Giza Sphynx Pyramids, Egypt


A complicated but fascinating country with some of the most enduring historical monuments on Earth, Egypt stands as an unforgettable travel destination. It's ha...

Equatorial Guinea - Bome Beach, Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Perhaps best known as the inspiration for Frederick Forsyth’s coup-laden thriller The Dogs of War, the political situation of hot and humid Eq...

Eritrea - Eritrea


Eritrea is a difficult country to define. Although in Africa, it doesn't feel wholly African. While its broad shore faces the Middle East, it is not overtly Ara...