Golden Palm Trees, San Marino, CA
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Golden Palm Trees, San Marino, CA

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San Marino Travel Guide

Key Facts

61.2 sq km (23.6 sq miles).


32,448 (2013).

Population density

531.9 per sq km.


San Marino.



Head of state

Two Capitani Regenti are elected every six months. Gian Franco Terenzi and Guerrino Zanotti since 2014.


230 volts AC, 50Hz. Italian-style plugs with three round pins are used.

In whatever part of this 61-sq km (24-sq mile) territory you go, in particular at the peak of its mountain, your gaze is lost over a unique, dazzling panorama: the fertile soils of Emilia Romagna and the soft rolling hills of the Marche and Montefeltro, and on to the placid Adriatic sea. The Sammarinese territory is made up of nine ancient citadels, including the capital, San Marino.

The tiny city holds a wealth of history, museums and priceless architectural monuments, while a wealth of assorted crafts and souvenirs provide a vast, pleasant shopping experience.

The origins of San Marino are based on the charming legend of Saint Marinus who founded the community and the republic, when, in AD301, he took refuge on Mount Titano.

Apart from the Vatican City, it is the only city-state that is completely surrounded by another country.

Travel Advice

Last updated: 16 April 2015

The travel advice summary below is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. 'We' refers to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. For their full travel advice, visit


Street crime is extremely rare. However, you should take the usual precautions with passports and money.

Drinks served in bars overseas are often stronger than those in the UK. Do not accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended.

Road travel

To drive in San Marino you must have a valid UK driving licence. Driving is on the right-hand side of the road. It’s a legal requirement for motorists to carry one red warning triangle to be placed, in the event of an accident or breakdown, behind the vehicle.  

You should also carry a certificate of car insurance.

At the time of entering the country, car insurance must be valid for more than three months.

San Marino has similar drink driving laws to Italy. The legal limit is 0.05%, also defined as 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood (50 mg/100 ml of blood).  

San Marino has laws requiring small children to be in an approved child safety seat.

It’s illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. You can talk with a completely hands-free unit. Smoking while driving is also prohibited.

The speed limit is 70 km/h on some stretches of the highway, while in residential areas the speed limit is 30 and 50 km/h.

See the RAC and AA guides on driving in San Marino.