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North Macedonia - St Pantelejmon – Plaosnik, Macedonia

North Macedonia

The Republic of North Macedonia, formerly known as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (sometimes abbreviated as FYROM and FYR Macedonia), is underrated a...

Lithuania - Trakai Castle, Lithuania


Lithuania is a land of castles, lakes and forests.

Germany - Bradenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


Misunderstood by many, Germany is one of the most varied and charming countries on the continent. Anyone expecting a homogenous nation conforming to old Teutoni...

Armenia - shu-Armenia-Yerevan-757639399-EDITORIALONLY-1440x823


It might be a small nation, but Armenia is big on character. Its 20th century history was troubled and relations with neighbouring Turkey are still fractious to...

Romania - Peles Castle in Transylvania, Romania


Romania has a rich cultural and natural diversity. Its dramatic mountain scenery includes the densely forested Carpathian Mountains, picturesque valleys and mil...

Georgia - Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia


It’s extremely easy to love Georgia. Formerly famed as the holiday haunt of the privileged elite of the Soviet Union, today’s country is an often...

Azerbaijan - Baku, Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan is an Islamic former Soviet Republic on the Caspian Sea, an oil rich and strategically important nation that is the key geopolitical power in the Cau...

Vatican City - Basilica di San Pietro in Vatican City, Italy

Vatican City

The Vatican City is the world's smallest sovereign state and is situated entirely within the city of Rome. Many visitors come for religious reasons, but you ...

Isle of Man - Isle of Man, United Kingdom

Isle of Man

As quirky destinations go, you’d be hard-pressed to beat the Isle of Man. Its mere existence is even a bit odd. Though officially part of the Brit...