Travel to Verona

Flying to Verona

British Airways, Alitalia and BMI offer direct flights to Verona from the UK. Cheap flights to Verona are available between January and Easter during the off peak season. Avoid travelling in the summer if you’re looking for cheap Verona flights.

Flight times

From London – 2 hours 25 minutes; New York – 9 hours 20 minutes; Los Angeles – 13 hours 20 minutes; Toronto – 9 hours 30 minutes; Sydney – 23 hours.

Travel by road


The centre of Verona is restricted to traffic from Monday to Friday between 1000-1330, 1600-1800 and 2000-2200 and on Saturday and Sunday between 1000-1330. Useful park and rides fringe the city. The nearest car park to the city centre is at Piazza Cittadella. If you are staying at a hotel in the city centre, your hotel will be able to arrange permission for you to drive into the restricted zone.

Traffic in Verona drives on the right and the minimum driving age is 18 years. Speed limits are 130kph (80mph) on motorways and 50kph (30mph) in urban areas. UK driving licences and EU pink-format licences are valid in Italy (UK green licences must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit) and a Green Card and motor insurance certificate are strongly recommended.

The AA or RAC in Britain and the AAA in America have reciprocal agreements with the Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) (tel: 045 595003-103;, who provide a useful advisory service as well as dealing with breakdowns.

Emergency breakdown service:

ACI (tel: 803 116).


Verona is located 160km (100 miles) east of Milan and 114km (75 miles) east of Venice. It is easy to reach either by taking the A4 motorway running between Milan and Venice, exiting at Verona Sud, or by taking the A22 Brennero-Modena motorway, again exiting at Verona Sud and following the signs for the city centre.

Driving times:

From Venice – 30 minutes; Mantua – 45 minutes; Florence - 2 hours 45 minutes; Milan - 2 hours; Bologna – 1 hour 15 minutes; Rome – 4 hours 30 minutes.


Buses from towns and villages in the Verona region and also from Lake Garda to Verona city centre are operated by Azenda Provinciale Transporti Verona (tel: 045 805 7811; Eurolines (tel: 041 538 2118; operates coach services from other European cities via Verona's Porta Nuova bus station.

Travel by rail


Rail services from Verona are good.

The main railway station in Verona is Porta Nuova. It is located to the south of the city centre. Both the Milan-Venice line and the Brennero-Rome line run via Porta Nuova. There are frequent city bus services from the railway station to the city centre. Regular services also connect with Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Tickets must be validated in the yellow machines located on the station platforms prior to boarding.


Trenitalia (Tel: 89 20 21; is the national rail company, which operates daily train services between Verona and all the main cities in northern Italy as well as Florence and Rome.

Journey times:

From Venice – 1 hour 45 minutes; Milan – 1 hour 20 minutes; Florence – 1 hour 30 minutes; Rome – 8 hours; Munich – 5 hours 30 minutes; Vienna – 10 hours 30 minutes.