City Highlight: Dublin

Published on: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
City Highlight: Dublin - Features


Dublin is ideal for a weekend trip. Fly in, hop on the Luas (tram) to get around the city, stay for a night then leave with great memories.

Let’s be honest, many tourists go to Dublin for one thing only: Guinness. Head straight to the Guinness storehouse, learn the six-step ritual to pour the perfect pint of the black stuff and enjoy the drink. Only after this you start to think about what to do next. No worries, this is when our Dublin travel guide comes in handy.

Our things to see in Dublin page highlights all the essential tourist stops:

  • For arts and culture, head to the National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology) where stunning Celtic gold masterpieces and disturbing bog bodies fight for your attention.
  • For pilgrims, Dublin is highly unusual – it has two stunning Anglican cathedrals which are just 550m (600 yards) apart from each other. Both cathedrals are rich in history and character.
  • For sports, watching grown men hit and push a ball in a live hurling match at Croke Park is highly entertaining.

It’s another story if you visit Dublin during the St Patrick’s Day celebration (it starts on 17 March and usually lasts for a few days). You don’t have to plan, just immerse yourself with endless activities that the city and its hospitable people have worked out for you. Films, concerts, parades, funfairs, parties, a 5k road race… the list goes on and almost every event is decked out in shamrock green and gleefully linked to alcohol. After all the activities and copious amounts of Guinness, just try not to turn green and pass out.

The ‘Festival Season’ which runs from September to October is also a good time to visit. You’ll find a diverse program of events which incorporate everything from a fringe festival to a Bram Stoker celebration.

Dublin attracts many business travellers and affluent international tourists, so high-end accommodation is plentiful. Mid-range and budget options are also in good supply. If you haven’t won the lottery but have left your backpacking days behind, then the 18-century Shelbourne is a safe bet. One of our writers said the Shelbourne has the best pillows in Dublin, who would’ve thought so eh? Check out the Dublin Hotels guide for more options.

When it comes to food and drink, you can follow other tourists and elbow your way into the Temple Bar. Alternatively, you can check out our “Drink, drugs, and debauchery: The definitive guide to Dublin” where you’ll learn where to get the best hangover breakfast to the best burger in town. Even if you have been to Dublin a couple of times before, chances are you haven’t tried all the things we mention in the definitive guide. So give it a go, you may discover that this city has more to offer than just a pint of Guinness.