The 10 most romantic spots to kiss in England

Published on: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
The 10 most romantic spots to kiss in England - Tower Bridge, London


With a diverse range of heart-achingly beautiful landscapes, England offers many gorgeous backdrops for romantic couples to embrace and share a special moment

With love in the air, there’s bound to be a kiss or two. So our writers meandered through our metropolitan cities and ancient woodlands to discover the top 10 most romantic spots in England to kiss.

10. The Mill Bridge in Bourton-on-the-Water, Cotswold

A tranquil river spanned by picturesque low-arched stone bridges drifts through Bourton-on-the-Water, a charming Cotswold village. Set in the village centre, the original Mill Bridge is still as beautiful and functional as it was when it was built over 360 years ago. Take a stroll over it and share a kiss against a backdrop of picture-book cottages to prove that your love will last forever too.

9. Champagne on the London Eye

If Cupid had a home, it would probably be the aptly named “Cupid’s Capsule” on the London Eye. It is designed for couples – allowing you and your loved one to drink in the spectacular views of London and a bottle of champagne in your own private capsule. The ride lasts 30 minutes, so how many kisses you think you can steal above London during that time?

8. Durdle Door in Dorset

Located along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, the natural limestone arch at Durdle Door helps make this beach one of the most beautiful in England. It is best to visit at dusk when the sun slowly disappears over the horizon and the sky is ablaze with a thousand shades of red and gold. This is the perfect setting to share a romantic embrace. If you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon some dinosaur fossils between kisses.

7. A Ferry Cross the Mersey

No visit to Liverpool is complete without taking a ferry across the Mersey and seeing the city’s gorgeous waterfront and skyline at its best. With the entire city providing a romantic backdrop, let local legends The Beatles be your muse (in particular, their song ‘All You Need is Love’). Sing to your loved one and share the moment with a long passionate kiss.

6. Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regents Park, London

Roses are red; they’re also royal yellow, ivory white, blushing pink, and shades in between that are just as mesmerising. Home to over 12,000 roses, the biggest collection in the capital, Regent’s Park provides the perfect setting for you to show someone how much you love them. Go in the first two weeks of June if you want to give your loved one roses – the best blooms are here, and you don’t even need to put them in a vase.

5. The West Yorkshire Moors

Love isn’t always roses and grand settings though. If you are after a dramatic kiss in an atmospheric setting, head to the West Yorkshire Moors. The Brontë sisters lived in Haworth, a charming village with historic cobbled main street, and not far away you will find Top Withens, which many Brontë fans believe was in Emily’s mind when she wrote Wuthering Heights. With steep, winding valleys and blustering winds, the moors strip away all the glitz and glamour, leaving nothing but raw emotion.

4. Under the Clock at Waterloo Station in London

If you’re a fan of the classic English sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses’, you may want to share a passionate kiss with your loved one under the large four-faced clock that hangs in the middle of the main concourse at Waterloo. This was where Del Boy first set eyes on Raquel in one of the show’s most memorable episodes. Meeting “under the clock at Waterloo” is also a traditional rendezvous that dates back to the early part of the 20th century.

3. Chatsworth House in Derbyshire

Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett have long been one of England’s most famous literary couples. Chatsworth House in Derbyshire provided the setting for Mr Darcy’s mansion in the 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. You too can walk in the footsteps of such love at Chatsworth House, stealing kisses among the beautiful artworks in the regal State Rooms, the Painted Hall and the sculpture gallery. If the weather is nice, enjoy a romantic picnic on the Salisbury Lawns or by the magnificent Emperor Fountain.

2. The Palladian Bridge in Bath

Bath is famous for its stunning Georgian architecture. The Palladian Bridge, located in Prior Park, has long been a popular place for couples to bask in their love away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The character-rich bridge was built in 1755 and is one of only four of this design left in the world. With magnificent views across the city and set in a quiet glade surrounded by perfectly landscaped gardens, it’s little wonder why this bridge makes it onto our list. Beware though, not only is this a great place to share a kiss, it’s also a popular spot for those wanting to pop the question!

1. Bridget Jones’s kiss in London

Bridget Jones, the well-known character from the book and movie Bridget Jones’s Diary, has become a symbol of modern-day romance. The sweet passion between Bridget and her crush, Mark Darcy, had audiences holding their breath until their eventual kiss in the snow. In the movie, Bridget runs from her flat on Bedale Street to chase after Mark Darcy, catching up with him just outside the Royal Exchange. As she was dressed only in a tank top, a pair of knickers, a cardigan and pair of trainers, Mark wraps his coat around Bridget as they kiss in the snow. If you want to re-enact this, head across the Thames to the Royal Exchange – although we would recommend putting on more clothes than Bridget.

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