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Burundi Food and Drink

The choice of food in Burundi can appear limited at first, but the cuisine is in fact both varied and flavoursome. Most food is boiled, stewed or roasted over a wood fire. Staple ingredients include plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, peas and maize.

Stewed beans are traditionally eaten at least once a day, while meat (mainly chicken and goat) is only rarely consumed. Close to the shores of Lake Tanganyika, fish is popular and prepared in similar ways to meat. Snacks include fruit such as bananas and pineapples, as well as cane sugar and peanuts.


Ibiharage: Red kidney beans stewed simply with onion and chilli.
Boko boko harees: Chicken cooked with bulgur wheat, onion and turmeric.
Ndizi: Sliced plantain fried in palm oil, making a delicious snack or side.
Ndagala: Small locally-caught fish eaten whole.
Mukéké: Another locally-caught fish, often steamed over an open fire and served with a tomato and onion sauce.
Spicy carrots: Side dish of carrots mixed with mustard seeds and chilli peppers.
Bugali: Plain tasting carbohydrate staple served at almost every meal.
Brochette: Skewers of barbequed meat, often goat.
Renga renga: Potato-leaf and peanut stew.
Nyama: Meat stew with tomato.
Urwarwa: Homemade banana wine drunk during celebrations.
Impeke: Beer brewed from sorghum, and often drunk through straws.

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