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Cameroon Food and Drink

Local food is excellent, but luxury items can be extremely expensive. There are many restaurants in big towns and cities, with good service. Douala and Yaoundé have by far the greatest variety, with many different styles of cuisine represented, including Lebanese, Asian, African and European. Cheap and tasty Cameroonian food is served in chantiers and chop houses. The coastal area offers excellent fresh fish and prawns. Most international hotels have bars.


Feuille (manioc leaves).
• West African peanut soup.
• Banana bread.
Zom (spinach with meat).
• Fried sweet potatoes or plantains.
• Beef with pineapple or coconut.

Things to know

Although vegetarianism is rare in Cameroon, it is possible for to get by on egg dishes, vegetables, pizza, bread and tropical fruit. Many dishes are served with rice, couscous, mashed manioc or chips made from potato, yam or plantain.


The average tip for porters and hotel staff should be about 10%, otherwise service charges are usually included.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

Bil-bil (a homemade beer made from millet, sorghum or corn).
•Palm wine.
Afofo (a firewater distilled from palm sap).
• Coffee.

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