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Where to stay in Cameroon


Good accommodation of international standard is available in Bamenda, Douala, Garoua, Maroua and Yaoundé. Cheaper accommodation, catering principally for local travellers, is available in every town. Rates quoted by hotels and lodges are generally for the room rather than per person.

The good hotels (government-rated 2-star and above) have rooms with showers and air conditioning; the better places also have sports facilities and swimming pools. Prices in Douala and Yaoundé are rather high. Some large hotels will accept major credit cards. Hotel facilities are in heavy demand; it is advisable to book in advance and obtain written confirmation of your booking.

Mid-range and cheap hotels, including auberges (guesthouses) and campements (country lodges), can be excellent value, although it's wise to inspect the room, checking that it has running water and electricity, before committing yourself. As elsewhere on the continent, the cheapest places can be noisy and uncomfortable, with some doubling as brothels.


Wild camping is permitted in Boubandjidah National Park and on the banks of Mayo Lidi River. It's also possible to pitch a tent at the campements (lodges) at Waza and Bénoué national parks. Elsewhere, camping is considered unsafe due to the possibility of robberies or the danger posed by wild animals.

Other accomodation

Accommodation for the popular Waza and Bénoué national parks, in the far north of the country, is available in rustic but comfortable boukarous (roundhouses) at their campements (lodges), located just outside Waza, near the entrance, and inside Bénoué, on the riverbank.

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