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Getting Around Cape Verde


There are internal flights available to all inhabited islands except Brava and San Antao, which do not have functioning airports. Private charters are available from the Cabo Verde Express air-taxi service (

As of 2017 Binter Canarias Airline handles domestic flights in Cape Verde from island to island, sharing capital with the Cabo Verde government.


Side of the road


Road Quality

Road conditions and driving standards are generally of a reasonable quality, although paved roads are mostly narrow and winding. Once you get off the main roads, expect a few bumps.

Car Hire

Available on the main islands; book in advance when possible.


Taxi fares should be agreed in advance, although some prefer to use the taximeter. Drivers can be hired to see the main sights on the islands.


An International Driving Permit is legally required and proof of insurance should be displayed on the car windscreen.



There is a daily ferry service operating between the port of Mindelo, São Vincente and Santo Antao (journey time - 1 hour).

Fast Ferry also operates between the islands of Fogo, Brava, and Santiago. Schedules are available online and seats can be booked in advance. Tickets may cost between 16 and 40 euros.

Sea conditions around Cape Verde are sometimes treacherous, due to many submerged rocks. Travel by sea to the southern islands of Brava and Fogo can be particularly disrupted.

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