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Cape Verde Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Cape Verde

Shopping on the islands is low-key and is mainly found in local markets. Toiletries and other day-to-day items can be expensive as most things are imported, but the markets are a great place to look for handicrafts. Basket-weaving is a popular past-time, and artists fashion utensils and figurines from clay.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0800-1200 and 1500-1900.

Nightlife in Cape Verde

Cape Verdean nightlife is based on traditional live music and dance. It is impossible to wander round for a night and not hear locals playing 'morna' music - a combination of guitars, violins and lovelorn lyrics. However bars and nightclubs do play pop music, and streets may be quieter on some nights when Cape Verdeans stay in to watch Brazilian telenovelas. Santa Maria and Sal are nightlife hubs with bars and discos. Nightclubs are mainly found in the big hotels, although a number of local dive bars sell beer and rum on the islands. Rural areas of Cape Verde have less late-night entertainment.

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