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Travel to Cape Verde

Flying to Cape Verde

TACV, also known as Cabo Verde Airlines, the national airline of Cape Verde (, offers flights from several international locations to Sal and Praia.

Information on international and internal flights, and flight tickets may be obtained from TUI Airways, which flies direct from the United Kingdom. You can also fly with TAP Portugal ( via Lisbon and Royal Air Moroc from London.

Airports of Cape Verde: Praia Airport, Sal Airport, Sao Vincente Airport, Boa Vista Aristides Pereira Airport, Sao Filipe Airport, Sao Nicolau Airport.

Airport Guides

Amílcar Cabral International Airport




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São Pedro International Airport




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Boa Vista Aristides Pereira Airport




Boa Vista Aristides Pereira Airport is located on the island of Boa Vista, 5km (3 miles) southeast of the capital Sal Rei.


+238 251 9001


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Flight times

From London - 9 hours (including stopover); New York - 19 hours (including stopovers); Singapore - 34.5 hours (including stopovers); Los Angeles - 26.5 hours (including stopovers); Toronto - 24 hours (including stopovers).

Departure tax

None. However, tourists 16 years old or older are required to pay a tax for overnight hotel stays in Cape Verde of 2 euros per night with a maximum of ten nights per each hotel.

Travelling to Cape Verde by Rail

Driving to Cape Verde

Getting to Cape Verde by boat

Mindelo and Praia are the principal ports. São Vicente is served by passenger and cargo ships, but sea services are not frequent and may be costly.