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Central African Republic Food and Drink

Local food can be basic, though full of flavour. Meals centre around large portions of starch such as chiwangue served with sides of vegetables and meat, all topped with rich sauces that often include peanuts.

Many dishes contain gombo (okra), tomato and onion, although other popular ingredients include rice, bananas and cassava. The most commonly eaten meats are chicken and goat, with bushmeat hunted in more rural areas. Meat is generally well-marinated before being grilled or steamed over open braziers.


Makara: Bread made from cassava flour.

Chicken and cumin stew: With additional flavours from onion, tomato and garlic.

Chikwangue: Traditional starch made from manioc and often serves as batons.

Egusi: Blood-red sauce made from the seeds of gourd or pumpkin as well as tomato, onion and chilli.

Capitaine: Fish caught in the Bangui River and smoked. Also called Nile perch.
Moambe: Soup or sauce made from palm butter.

Karkanji: Drink made from hibiscus flowers.
Shrimps: Eaten with boiled yams or sweet potatoes.

Kanda ti nyma: Spicy beef meatballs.
Spinach stew: Might also include tomatoes, peppers, chillies, onions and peanut butter.

Chichinga: Skewered pieces of barbequed goat meat.

Ginger beer: A refreshing fizzy drink made using ginger.

Palm wine: A potent liquor made from the sap of palm trees.

Banana wine: A similarly strong tipple made from bananas.


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