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Getting Around Central African Republic


Scheduled flights sometimes operate to Berbérati. However, most domestic flying is limited to chartered planes.


Incidents of roadside theft and robbery occur regularly, and armed gangs are known to operate in the outlying areas of Bangui. Road closures are frequent during the rainy season.

Side of the road


Road Quality

Good roads connect the few main towns (although few are paved), but the majority are often impassable during the rainy season and travellers should expect delays. Most roads require a 4-wheel drive vehicles to render them passable. Outside urban areas, motor vehicles are rare and spare parts virtually impossible to find.

Car Hire

Self-drive or chauffeur-driven cars are available.


International Driving Permit required. Identification (eg residence permit or certified copy of passport) must be carried at all times. Failure to do so can result in detention by police.

Urban travel

Limited bus services run in Bangui. Taxis are only available in the urban areas; they do not have meters and fares must be negotiated. Minibuses serve Bangui and other major towns.


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