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Travel to Central African Republic

Flying to Central African Republic

The main airlines serving the Central African Republic are Kenya Airways (, Royal Air Maroc ( and TAAG ( There are no direct flights from the UK or the USA.

Airport Guides

Bangui M’Poko International Airport




The airport is 7km (4 miles) southeast of Bangui of the city (journey time - 30 minutes).


Flight times

From London - 13 hours (including stopover); New York - 26 hours (including stopovers).

Departure tax


Travelling to Central African Republic by Rail

Driving to Central African Republic

Getting to Central African Republic by boat

It is sometimes possible to hire a boat, although this is expensive and services are unpredictable.

Ferry operators

The route by ferry along the Ubangi to Bangui from Brazzaville in the Congo (Rep) is run by SOCATRAF.

A car/passenger ferry normally operates across the Ubangi between the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangui-Zongo and Bangassou-Ndu. Fares are very low, although the service breaks down frequently and may be disrupted by political instability.

River Routes

Visitors may not cross the river to the Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday or Sunday, as the customs posts in that country do not operate at the weekend.

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