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Getting Around Chad


Since Air Tchad flights were suspended following safety concerns, there have been no regular scheduled domestic flights.


Travel by road outside N'Djaména is possible by 4-wheel drive vehicle and permits are usually needed. In rural areas drivers should watch out for livestock. There are no emergency services, so drivers should exercise extreme caution. Security conditions and a lack of housing, food, petrol and vehicle repair facilities have resulted in the government restricting travel, especially in the central and northern areas of the country. Petrol is expensive and petrol stations are not widely available.

Many roads urgently need repair, and are impassable during the rainy season, especially in the south. It is advised to travel in convoy, keep doors locked, carry spare fuel and supplies, and not travel after dark, due to the potential for highway bandits. For travel to all areas outside N'Djaména, authorisation from the Ministry of the Interior is required, which is usually granted without difficulty after a few days.

Side of the road



International Driving Permit required for car hire (which is expensive) as well as an official autorisation de circuler.

Urban travel

The city of N'Djaména has an adequate road system and there are limited self-drive and chauffeured car hire facilities. Minibuses and taxis operate in N'Djaména, with a flat fare charged. A 10% tip is expected by taxi drivers.


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