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Things to see and do in Equatorial Guinea

Attractions in Equatorial Guinea

Arena Blanca

Bask on Arena Blanca, the only white beach on Bioko Island. During the dry season, thousands of butterflies can be seen.


Take a trip to Bata, the principle town in the region of Rio Muni on the mainland. It is a lively town with a few restaurants, bars, hotels and markets.

Cascades of Moca

Check out the Cascades of Moca, Lake Biao and Lake Loreta, popular visitor destinations which are inhabited by several species of monkey.


Explore Malabo, a small but attractive town, with pleasant Spanish colonial architecture, open plazas and a lively market.


Visit the town of Moca situated in the Moca valley in the southern highlands and learn the ways of the Bubi - the indigenous people of Bioko Island.

Monte Alen National Park

Get back to nature in the Monte Alen National Park, an area spanning 1,400 sq km (540 sq miles). It is accessible via a series of trails through the jungle and is inhabited by elephants, leopards and several bird species.

Pico Basile

Take in the panoramic view of the island from the 3,000m (9,843ft) Pico Basile. On a clear day, Mount Cameroon can be seen.

Pico Malabo

View the Pico Malabo volcano, which provides a number of secluded hiking trails and opportunities for mountain climbing.

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