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Getting Around Gabon


Airlines operating domestic flights within Gabon include Nationale Regionale Transport and Allegiance Airways. Note that both airlines are banned from flying within the EU for safety reasons.


There is no road connection between the second-largest city of Port Gentil or any other part of the country. Check points are common in Gabon and drivers are asked to show passports, driving licence or vehicle registration documents.

Side of the road


Road Quality

Most of the country consists of impenetrable rainforest and the roads are generally of a poor standard. Road travel in the rainy season (October to mid December and mid February to May) is inadvisable.

Car Hire

Cars may be hired from main hotels and airports, although they tend to be expensive.


And International Driving Permit and international insurance are required.

Urban travel

There are extensive share-taxis. There are bus services in Port Gentil and Masuku (Franceville), and share-taxis in other centres. Taxi rates vary.


The Trans-Gabon Railway is the only railway line in Gabon; it is 410km (254 miles) long and connects Libreville (Owendo station, 10km (6 miles) from the city centre) with Franceville. Stops along the way include Ndjole and Moanda. Plans proposing an extension of the railway to Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo regularly surface.


Ferries run regularly along the coast from Libreville to Port Gentil (journey time - 4 hours).

Riverboats ply the Ogoué River between Port Gentil and Lambaréné (journey time - 10 to 24 hours). Some boats continue on to Ndjolé.

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