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Getting Around Guinea



Side of the road


Road Quality

The roads between Conakry (via Kindia) and Kissidougou and from Boké to Kamsar are both paved. However, many roads are in poor condition and the minor roads are often overgrown with bush. Livestock and pedestrians create road hazards, so extra caution is to be taken while driving at night.

Travel by road is often impossible in the rainy season (May to October). Expect to encounter checkpoints throughout the country; bribes are often expected.


These are available, although fares should be negotiated in advance. Bush taxis usually cover smaller distances than buses.

Urban travel

Guinea has no public transport but there are local vans which pick people up along many routes. Buses and taxis operate cheaply within Conakry, but are poorly maintained and tend to be overcrowded.


Parts of Guinea's railway network have been upgraded, but the only passenger service is the Conakry Express, a commuter service in the capital.

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