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Guinea Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Guinea

Although department stores in the major cities are poorly stocked, local markets sell a unique display of goods. Special purchases include brightly coloured, distinctive Guinean clothes, woodcarvings, leather rugs in bold black-and-white designs, skins, locally-produced records, calabashes and jewellery. Gueckedou is well known for its enormous market where travellers can buy absolutely anything.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0900-1800.

Nightlife in Guinea

Although there are theatres, nightclubs and cinemas, Guineans prefer to make their own entertainment. In the streets people can often be seen gathered together to dance, sing and play traditional musical instruments or home-made guitars. Conakry is a dynamic centre for music and the singing of the Kindia people is renowned. There is also an open air cinema in the small town of Mamou.

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