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Where to stay in Lesotho


There are hotels of varying quality in the main towns and mountain lodges giving access to the wilder regions. Visitors looking for hotels in Maseru don't have a huge range of options but there are a few of international standard, including the Maseru Sun and Lesotho Sun hotels. For more information on types of accommodation, contact the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (see Important Addresses).

Bed and breakfast

As with most types of tourist accommodation in Lesotho, there aren't many options and Maseru has the widest range. Ideal for visitors keen to sample a little more of local life and cuisine than one might find in a hotel.


It's relatively easy to camp around the country and of course, being outside enables visitors to really experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In theory it's possible to camp anywhere but make sure you get permission from the village chief first. Alternatively many lodges are happy to accommodate campers with a little advance notice.

Do take the usual precautions; lock up valuables and don't leave possessions out in plain sight. Most foods can be bought at local shops and markets, whilst campers should stock up on water where possible.

January and February are generally the best months for camping as the monsoon rains have normally passed by this time of year, but do bring some spare clothing as Lesotho's weather is notoriously changeable.

Other accomodation

Lodges: There are a few lodges catering to visitors seeking a base for a day of activity in the Highlands, with standards ranging from budget to five stars. The Malealea Lodge (, has guest rooms set in a restored farmhouse and its own pony trek centre, whilst Maliba Mountain Lodge ( features a gourmet restaurant and breathtaking views.

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